Introduction to MongoDB Update

If you are interested to learn about the Mongosh find in MongoDB

Update Document

MongoDB’s update() and save() methods are used to update document into a collection. The update() method updates the values in the existing document while the save() method replaces the existing document with the document passed in save() method.

To update an existing document we can use the updateOne() or updateMany() methods. The first parameter is a query object to define which document or documents should be updated. The second parameter is an object defining the updated data.


The updateOne() method will update the first document that is found matching the provided query.

Let’s see what the “like” count for the post with the title of “Post Title 1”:


db.posts.find( { title: "Post Title 1" } ) 

Now let’s update the “likes” on this post to 2. To do this, we need to use the $set operator.


db.posts.updateOne( { title: "Post Title 1" }, { $set: { likes: 2 } } ) 

Check the document again and you’ll see that the “like” have been updated.


db.posts.find( { title: "Post Title 1" } ) 

Insert if not found

If you would like to insert the document if it is not found, you can use the upsert option.


Update the document, but if not found insert it:

  { title: "Post Title 5" }, 
        title: "Post Title 5",
        body: "Body of post.",
        category: "Event",
        likes: 5,
        tags: ["news", "events"],
        date: Date()
  { upsert: true }


The updateMany() method will update all documents that match the provided query.


Update likes on all documents by 1. For this we will use the $inc (increment) operator:

db.posts.updateMany({}, { $inc: { likes: 1 } })
Introduction to MongoDB Update
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